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AirbrushTexas Policy

Buyer agrees to the following terms stated. AirbrushTexas.com does not supply any items or clothing material. If AirbrushTexas.com has to supply any clothing material or items, there will be an additional fee for reimbursement. This can be discussed with an AirbrushTexas Representative once your (Client Account) has been registered. You as the buyer are responsible for sending AirbrushTexas.com your items. If items are not shipped on time prior to date of payment, you as the buyer will be charged a Late Fee. View (Sales Policy) for details! We do not accept any used items at this time so all items must be Brand New before shipping out. Once payment is processed, items are to be immediately shipped or shipped out the same day to:


P.O. Box 720156
Houston, Tx, 77272

All Payments Can Be Made Out To

DeAngelo Ellis
P.O. Box 720156
Houston, Tx, 77272

How To Order

Placing an order with AirbrushTexas is simple and easy

Follow these 3 steps below

Step 1: Getting started

Create your new client account by clicking (Here) or click register at the top.

Step 2: Almost there

Fill out the quick price quote form located to right hand side or click on (Quote) at the top in the category’s section.

Step 3: Finished

Once Step 1 and Step 2 are completed, An AirbrushTexas.com Representative will contact you shortly. While you are waiting, visit the art gallery section to gather ideas for your order!

If you are located in the Houston, Texas area, a meeting can be scheduled with an AirbrushTexas Representative by clicking on (Contact) and filling out the form. An AirbrushTexas Representative will contact you shortly.

Design Time

Many of my designs and custom orders can be airbrushed in no time. Please understand however, that we may have a line of items to be airbrushed ahead of your order, and for this reason, please be prepared to patiently wait on your order while its being airbrushed. If you have any concerns or questions feel free to contact us at Info@AirbrushTexas.com. Large orders may take a couple of days to setup and process, so please factor this into your plans.

Note: Due to the extremely high demand of AirbrushTexas products please allow 3-5 business days completion time on all items. All orders are shipped immediately after completion. Thank you!

Custom Artwork: 5 min to 1 day (Depending On Quantity)
Cartoons: 5 min to 1 day (Depending On Quantity)
Portraits: 30 min to 2 days (Depending On Quantity)
Large Orders: 3-5 days (Depending On Quantity)

These times are just estimates and may be subject to change due to workload.

If we complete your order ahead of time, we will contact you to let you know it is Ready for Ship-Out.

Payment Information

We are continuing to put a special effort into our growing airbrush online business, and now have more reasonable times for processing orders. All airbrush orders require Full Payment before work can begin. When a payment is processed through our credit card service or our third party payment services like Paypal, we will immediately begin work on your order.

Note: Clothing material must be sent postal before any immediate work will begin.

AirbrushTexas is a longtime user of PayPal and if you are familiar with this payment service, you may certainly use it to complete payment for your order. You can use many different credit cards as well as use your own bank account. PayPal is the leading payment gateway for online purchases. For more information about PayPal, (Click Here).

Shipping & Receiving

Shipping Charges & Delivery Times

Prices are subject to change at anytime depending on quantity and weight.

Priority Shipping

(3-5 days 10$) (Depending on quantity and weight)
(Example: Priority Shipping/ 3-5 Days/ Design Time/ 3-5 Business Days/ Wednesday to Saturday/ 3-10-08 through 3-21-08)

(You/Buyer) Ship Out (3-5-08) (AirbrushTexas Receives) Ship In (3-11-08)
(AirbrushTexas) Ship Out (3-17-08) (You/Buyer Receive) Ship In (3-22-08)

Express Shipping

(2-3 days 15$) (Depending on quantity and weight)
(Example: Express Shipping/ 2-3 Days/ Design Time/ 3-5 Business Days/ Tuesday to Monday/ 2-12-08 through 2-25-08)

(You/Buyer) Ship Out (2-12-08) (AirbrushTexas Receives) Ship In (2-15-08)
(AirbrushTexas) Ship Out (2-21-08) (You/Buyer Receives) Ship In (2-25-08)

Rush Delivery/Next Day/Overnight Shipping

(1 day 20$) (Depending on quantity and weight)
(Example: Rush Delivery/Overnight Shipping 1 Day/ Design Time/ 3-5 Business Days/ Monday to Tuesday/ 1-21-08 through 1-29-08)

(You/Buyer) Ship Out (1-21-08) (AirbrushTexas Receives) Ship In (1-22-08)
(AirbrushTexas) Ship Out (1-28-08) (You/Buyer Receives) Ship In (1-29-08)

International Shipping you may contact us at Info@AirbrushTexas.com for more details.

If you live outside of the USA, then the delivery time will go towards the 5-10 business day range.

AirbrushTexas Recommendation

We recommend confirming regular parcel shipping delivery times with your local post office. Please double-check that you have given us the correct shipping address. If your order is returned as undeliverables we will attempt to contact you for address corrections but you will be charged for shipping the item again.

Canvas, boards and other large flat items will require special packaging. Therefore special shipping rates will apply. As a result you will have to get a custom quote for shipping. We will inform you by email of the rate before we ship the package.

AirbrushTexas ships products to all countries worldwide.

Returns & Refunds

100% Guarantee

When our clients are happy, we are happy, and the best way to ensure mutual happiness is to guarantee our artwork. For our personalized and customized airbrush products, we guarantee that they will be 100% free from defects in materials and workmanship. If they’re not, you may contact us at Info@AirbrushTexas.com to discuss further details. No refunds or exchanges. All sales are final!

Satisy Your Needs

AirbrushTexas asks our customers to ensure that their spelling, colors, sizes, and style choices are correct. Most of the reasons why an airbrush order has to be redone is due to a customer error. We strongly urge you to double-check your order for correctness before clicking the check out button. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us as Info@AirbrushTexas.com


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Price List

AirbrushTexas.com accepts all clients spending budgets. To request an price list contact us at Info@AirbrushTexas.com for more details.

Group Orders & Wholesale

Do you want to order AirbrushTexas services or products in group/wholesale? Contact us at Sales@AirbrushTexas.com for more details.


Do you want to advertise on AirbrushTexas.com? Contact us at Advertising@AirbrushTexas.com for more details.


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Washing Instructions

Please Follow These AirbrushTexas Washing Instructions

Airbrushed clothing/items are ready to wear as soon as you receive it so please wait a minimum of one week before washing the item. This will allow the paint to maximize wash fastness.

Step 1:
Turn clothing/item inside out.

Step 2:
Use a gentle detergent made for hand washing and machine wash in cold water. For maximum care, hand wash only in cold water by itself.

Step 3:
Put the item in the dryer. If you do so to minimize fading, turn the item inside out and use a warm setting.

Step 4:
For maximum care, hang dry outside in a bright sunlight or in a insulated area.

Step 5:
If you want to iron your clothing material, turn it inside out and iron with a sheet of paper towel or handkerchief covering the design. On iron settings, please set it at the cotton/polyester setting.

Note: Please do not use bleach or powders. For best results, please use gentle liquid laundry soaps. All apparel is heat set to preserve the colors, hot water or drying in the dryer may cause pre-mature fading.

(If instructions are followed correctly, Airbrushed clothing/items should last a lifetime)


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